March 27, 2012

New online resource: Alternatives in Print

Alternatives in Print is a directory of book publishers and critical periodicals, consisting of the former print resources, Annotations and Alternative Publishers of Books in North America (APBNA). Library Juice Press published the 6th edition of APBNA, and the Alternative Press Center has been the publisher of Annotations, the periodicals directory. We have been working together on an online version of these two reference books for some time, and finally have it completed. It will be updated continuously by the original compilers of the directory information.

The website lets you search the directory by title, subject, or keyword, limiting to either periodicals or publishers (or both in the advanced search). The “front matter” has introductory essays about the alternative press. Library Juice Press is very happy to provide Alternatives in Print as a free online resource.

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  1. Kramer auto Pingback[…] Alternatives in Print directory Alternatives in Print is an online directory of alternative periodicals and book publishers, “alternative” referring to literature that is outside the mainstream, politically oriented, and in some sense rooted in the left. It is a combination of two former reference books: Annotations, a directory of periodicals published by the Alternative Press Center; and Alternative Publishers of Books in North America, a directory of publishers updated every two years by Byron Anderson and created under the auspices of the ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table…. Library Juice, Mar. 27 […]

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