January 25, 2015

Updates and Upgrades for Library Juice Academy

Library Juice Academy has done some technical updates. We’ve upgraded to the latest version of Moodle, which makes for easier navigation among other improvements. We’ve also upgraded our servers to provide better responsiveness and to prevent hangups due to overloading. And we’ve also redone our website – Take a look…

January 12, 2015

Cyberattacks against numerous French library websites

Nicolas Beudon reports that last night there were cyberattacks against numerous French library websites, evidently by Islamist groups. They hacked into these sites using vulnerabilities in Drupal, WordPress, and ISS, as well as by cracking simple passwords. The messages they left on homepages objected to the identification of Islam with the terrorists, referring to it as brainwashing. Beudon refers to a more general article by Damien Bancal, on his site Zataz, which reports on attacks to a broad range of French government institutions’ websites. He writes, “Despite the hashtag #Contre_Charlie, the hackers are not supportive of the attacks that took place in Paris. However, their cyber warfare operation is in competition with Anonymous, who posted their intention to tackle the jihadists on the internet.”

January 8, 2015

Among the Disrupted (NYT Book Review Essay)

Among the Disrupted
By Leon Wieseltier
JAN. 7, 2015
New York Times Book Review

Amid the bacchanal of disruption, let us pause to honor the disrupted. The streets of American cities are haunted by the ghosts of bookstores and record stores, which have been destroyed by the greatest thugs in the history of the culture industry. Writers hover between a decent poverty and an indecent one; they are expected to render the fruits of their labors for little and even for nothing, and all the miracles of electronic dissemination somehow do not suffice for compensation, either of the fiscal or the spiritual kind. Everybody talks frantically about media, a second-order subject if ever there was one, as content disappears into “content.” What does the understanding of media contribute to the understanding of life? Journalistic institutions slowly transform themselves into silent sweatshops in which words cannot wait for thoughts, and first responses are promoted into best responses, and patience is a professional liability. As the frequency of expression grows, the force of expression diminishes: Digital expectations of alacrity and terseness confer the highest prestige upon the twittering cacophony of one-liners and promotional announcements. It was always the case that all things must pass, but this is ridiculous…

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International Declaration of Independent Publishers 2014

From the website:

During the closing meeting of the International Assembly of Independent Publishers (Cape Town, South Africa, 18-21 September 2014), 400 independent publishers from 45 countries signed the International Declaration of Independent Publishers 2014.

Collectively drafted in three languages, on 20 September 2014, the Declaration 2014 is available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, etc.).

Read the declaration (PDF)

January 7, 2015

Statement from French library associations on the Charlie Hebdo attack

Statement from the ABF (Association des Bibliothécaires de France) and the ACIM (Association pour la coopération des professionnels de l’information musicale) on the attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices…

The ABF and the ACIM always take a position against censorship.

Today, January 7, 2015, a new low was reached: the assassination of those who bring a different voice, in the name of an unjustifiable and extreme ideology, and in a country that prides itself on having freedom of expression for all.

The ABF and ACIM gives their full support to the Charlie Hebdo team.

They reaffirm the importance of a free press, but also of libraries where it is possible to access all forms of expression, which counters intolerance and censorship while encouraging respect of others and coexistence.

Original statement in French…

January 2, 2015

Our booth at ALA Midwinter

We’re attending ALA Midwinter 2015 in Chicago, and we hope to meet you there. You can find us in the exhibits hall at booth 1532. This is Litwin Books, Library Juice Press, and Library Juice Academy. And Auslander & Fox, too – let’s not forget that fun imprint. See you in Chicago!