November 10, 2006

Who is out of step with the country, really?

We get our sense of where the country is at largely from the media. When elections and opinion polls tell a different story, we have to ask questions about the media. FAIR has put out an critique of the news media’s analysis of the Democrats’ electoral victories of this week. A major theme of news coverage is that election night was a victory for conservative democrats who will move the party rightward, and that they were strategically opposed to anti-war democrats. FAIR argues that this is in fact a distortion, citing exit polls showing the majority of voters were against the war and looking at the actual positions of winning candidates on traditional democratic issues.

Circumscribing the “public” in public libraries

Thoughtul article in the new Marginal Librarian, McGill’s library school student e-zine: Public libraries: who or what is “public”? This article has to do with Montréal’s new anti-homeless policies (that’s anti-homeless, not anti-homelessness), and ties the question of society’s attitudes toward poor people to library service and the way “the public” is operationally defined in “public library.” The article is by McGill student Katharine Barrette.